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State of Florida & Broward County

Bureau of Children’s Services

Child Care Licensing and Enforcement Section



    Dear Parents:
    In accordance with the Broward County Child Care Ordinance/Family Child Ordinance, parents and the child care facility/home are urged to work cooperatively to assure that children are provided with nutritious snacks and meals where lunches are not provided by the facility/home.

    Please read the following carefully, sign, and return as soon as possible to Nob Hill Academy.

    The Facility agrees to provide a nutritious:

    (Operator/Director checks those which apply)

    The parent agrees to provide a nutritious:

    (Parent checks those which apply)

    I have read the preceding and agree to need the child’s nutritional needs as defined above.

    Meals provided by parents shall consist of the following:

    1. Meat/Poultry fish
      or cheese
      or eggs
      or dried beans or peas

    2. Fruits (2 or more)
      or vegetables
      or fruits and vegetables

    3. Bread

    4. Butter

    5. Milk

    2 ounces
    2 ounces
    1 egg
    ½ cup
    ½ half cup
    ½ cup
    ¾ cup total amount and vegetables mush=¾ cup
    1 Slice
    1 teaspoon
    1 cup (8 oz.)