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    1. Child is identified as having behavior concerns (as defined by teachers or staff) Incidents of concern are documented.

    2. Teacher/staff will notify and discuss behavior concerns with Parent/Guardian for joint support and plans of action. Developmental screenings and assessments are ongoing and used to determine individual needs.

    3. Child's behavior become unmanageable in the environment, a written incident report is given to Parent / Guardian by Administrative staff.

    4. Open communication is continued with Administrative support, ongoing between teachers, staff and parent/guardian, in hopes of addressing and trying to alleviate the concerns. Resource and referral information is given to Parent/Guardian along with recommendations.

    5. Teacher/Staff document and track child’s behavior and share with Parent/Guardian.

    6. Plans of action are discussed and implemented between all concerned parties informally or in a scheduled meeting.

    7. If child is demonstrating extreme health and safety actions, a parent /guardian will be required to come to the center and pick up the child. The following day a meeting must take place before return. This meeting will help to determine best possible solutions for the ongoing behavior.

    It is always our goal to avoid expulsion and use all resources available to achieve the best outcome for the child. Sometimes, that may result in the child being placed in another program. In the event that a child is placed in another program more suited to benefit their child's needs, Nob Hill Academy will make every effort to make the transition smooth and supportive for both parents and child.

    Failure of Parent/Guardian to respond to and follow plans of action can result in their child being suspended or expelled from the program